Gait, sleep, breathe, movement is so fundamental to humans! We understand and discuss diet. But how many times have we had a quantitative discussion about gait, movement or sleep? Gait and movement is an important metric measured in bioinformatics. Gait is a common and early indicator for many neuromuscular diseases and a great means for orthotics' specialists to quantify lower limb related movements. Zeblok's proprietary Smart shoes provides access to 4 pressure zones and 3-axis 3D motion data real-time. You can visualize the data stream online on our secure cloud dashboard as well as download raw data for further analysis. We also provide data analytics results using our Bio-Informatics cloud which perform data crunching and gives a report within seconds.  Zeblok provides other smart technologies in addition to its renown smart shoes, such as devices that monitor vitals including pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate, etc. Using ground-breaking machine learning algorithms on the cloud and edge, Zeblok converts data provided by these devices into meaning biomarkers that can be generated into reports instantanously. These fundamental indicators of health tell a progressive story. But, we can only understand this story through data. Our goal is to help physicians and researchers collect data in an effortless manner where it matters the most.

At Zeblok, we care about health and safety of people. We are revolutionizing the baseline understanding of aging population. We are transforming the way real-world data is collected during clinical trials. Together, we can lower the cost of care for both aging population while improving safety. Together, we can lower the cost of bringing new drugs to market by understanding real-world impacts - sooner, continuously, in real-time, and under real-world conditions. Zeblok's technology helps patients, athletes, soldiers, and other professionals acquire health-related data virtually in any environment. We are driven by our foundational principle in user experience– providing as simple, and as natural environment, as possible. 

Our Technology

Hardware Features

Zeblok SyncOTA

Frame Rate Upto 50Hz
Communication protocol WiFi 2.4GHz
US sizes 8-13 Mens
6-10 Womens
Pressure range

0 to 1200 (for each zone)

Accelerometer g-select 2g, 4g, 8g or 16g
Operating Voltage 5V, 1A
Battery 3.7V 400mAh for each shoe
Pressure Sensor locations

Inner Ball of foot - Zone 1

Toe Region - Zone 2

Outer Ball of foot - Zone 3

Heel Region - Zone 4


Zeblok Bioinformatics

Edge Capabilities

Zeblok Glossary