Gait is a common and early indicator for many neuromuscular diseases and a great means for orthotics' specialists to quantify lower limb related movements. Zeblok's proprietary Smart shoes provides access to 4 pressure zones and 3-axis 3D motion data real-time. You can visualize the data stream online on our secure cloud dashboard as well as download raw data for further analysis. We also provide data analytics results using our Bio-Informatics cloud which perform data crunching and gives a report within seconds.  The smart shoes directly connect to your WiFi with simple setup process. With the help of Zeblok smart shoes, a clinician or researcher can simply ask the patient to wear the shoes and start walking while our smart electronics and sensors capture the walking data real-time and keeps a record of the session. The unique part of our technology is that unlike the Gait mats that are confined to a specific location or bulky electronics that go on top of your shoes, we have a seamless product that has the electronics embedded inside the shoes and doesn't require the user to worry about them. So, just wear them like any other pair of shoes and start collecting your data. 



Shoes Features

Tech Specs

Frame Rate                                        Up to 50Hz                                               
Communication protocol WiFi 2.4GHz
US sizes 8-13 Mens
6-10 Womens
Pressure Range

0 to 1200 (for each zone)

Pressure Zones 4

Accelerometer axes orientation

(For both left and right shoes)

+x-axis: towards left side of user                 

+y-axis: towards the toe

+z-axis: towards the top

Accelerometer g-select 2g, 4g, 8g or 16g
Operating Voltage 5V, 1A
Battery 3.7V 400mAh for each shoe
Pressure Sensor locations

Inner Ball of foot - Zone 1

Toe Region - Zone 2

Outer Ball of foot - Zone 3

Heel Region - Zone 4