Zeblok offers a wireless Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter for finger based pulse rate monitoring. Apart from the regular features, you can access the Pulse Oximeter data on our secure Zeblok cloud dashboard as well as on your PC using our Zeblok software. Pulse oximeter is a very common yet mandatory tool in every clinician toolbox. Our device provides the convenience of access to data, perform data analysis as well as download raw data at a later time. This helps you avoid all the record keeping and improve your productivity in conducting clinician tests. 

Pulse Oximeter


Pulse Ox Features

Tech Specs

Display Type

Color OLED display

4 display direction modes

Measurement Range

SpO2 – 35-100%

Pulse Rate – 25-250 BPM

Measurement Resolution SpO2 – 1%
Pulse Rate – 1 BPM

SpO2 - ±2% (between 70-100% only)

Pulse Rate – ±2 BPM

Automatic Power off ~10 seconds after no signal is found
Power 2 AAA Batteries (3V DC)
Operating Conditions 5~400C ; 15~80% RH
Storage Conditions


10~90% RH

Default Alert Conditions

SpO2: Upper limit- 100, Lower limit- 94

Pulse Rate: Upper limit- 130, Lower limit- 50

Dimensions 37 X 62 X 32mm
Unit Weight 42.5 g (including the batteries)
Peak Wavelength range

Red light: 660nm ±3

InfraRed light: 905nm ±5

*Not recommended for continuous monitoring