Zeblok BCG sensor is a non-contact vitals monitor that utilizes the Ballistocardiography technique to perform continuous monitoring of a user's Heart and Respiratory rate. We have used our expertise in sensors and wireless technology integration to be able to pack such high tech in a small and convenient package. The BCG sensor streams the sensor data to our secure cloud dashboard where you can set, and obtain sensor alerts as well as download the raw data for post analysis. You can also choose to get the sensor data locally on your computer via Bluetooth or UART protocols. The amazing part of this technology is that it is non-contact and doesn't require the user to wear it. It is ideal for monitoring while the user is laying on a bed. 

Zeblok Bed Sensor


BCG Features

Tech Specs

Measuring Principle   Ballistocardiography

Ultra low noise and narrow noise bandwidth accelerometer

Measuring Location

On the bed frame, 15 cm away from the body surface

Output Rate 1Hz
Measuring Range

Heart Rate: 40-120 BPM

Respiration Rate: < 30 BPM

Communication Protocol       UART & BLE / Wi-Fi
Dimensions 54 x 54 x 10 mm
Power Supply                           9V, 1A supply