Zeblok Computational Provides the following resources per user. 

Resources Amount
GPU  1 (24 GB of Memory )
CPU cores  1
Disk Space

50 GB

Memory 4-8 GB RAM


Users can get their GPU details from notebook terminal. by typing following command `nvidia-smi`.


Culling user pods

JupyterHub will automatically delete any user pods that have no activity for a period of time. This helps free up computational resources and keeps costs down if you are using an autoscaling cluster. When these users navigate back to thier JupyterHub, they will have to start their server again, and the state of their previous session (variables they’ve created, any in-memory data, etc) will be lost. This is known as culling.


In JupyterHub, “inactivity” is defined as no response from the user’s browser. JupyterHub constantly pings the user’s JupyterHub browser session to check whether it is open. This means that leaving the computer running with the JupyterHub window open will not be treated as inactivity. By default, JupyterHub will run the culling process every ten minutes and will cull any user pods that have been inactive for more than one hour.