Zeblok Computational Subscription menu provides you the functionality to deal with your subscribed plan, subscribed Notebook, and have a record of your payment cards.
After Successfully spawning a Notebook in Create Workstation section, you can check your details of subscription by just clicking on the subscription menu. You will get the screen as below, where all the relevant information is shown to you.

1. If the user has subscribed to the particular notebook for the first time, then a trial period of 21 days will be given and the charge will be applied after your trialing period ends. You can check the status for referring to your current phase.

**If the user has unsubscribed once, and again tries to subscribe the same plan, then there is  no trial period as shown below

2. You can cancel your subscription any time while being in the TRIAL period by clicking the button "unsubscribe" as shown below3. After the Trialling period, the recurring charge would be automatically deducted from your default card. You can check your cards information by clicking the card details button as shown below


4. If due to some policies, if there is any need for authentication for the recurring charges you will see the action button light up as shown below and further complete the action required by clicking the "Action Required" Button.

5. If there is some issue with the added card then on clicking the action button would directly ask you to enter new card details, and you can again add correct details for payments and get access to use Notebook. (Ref. the image in point 4)

6. If your subscription to the plan ends you won't be able to open your existing notebooks without subscribing to that plan again. (Refer Create Workstation section for creating new notebook)