Zeblok Computational mission is to accelerate the enterprise adoption of Artificial Intelligence, quantum computing and hard computational problems, deepen University-Industry collaborations through fast-tracked pathways for commercializing new algorithms, inference engines and AI ecosystems including talent development.  A unique and innovative model between industry and academia to build out a substantial Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) based High-Performance Computing (HPC) multi-cloud for fostering a new generation of apps. 


Zeblok Notebook Features


 Access the power of 24 PFLOPS tensors (Machine Learning) through just a browser & Self-registration.


 Ubiquitous data science tools like Jupyter Notebooks, Docker, Python, R, Scala make it a zero learning curve platform for data scientists. 


 Active Directory-based Identity and Access Management in the environment integrates web and OS-level access controls into one platform.

MULTI-GPU ( Coming soon )

 Ability to spin up workloads across multiple-GPUs.

MULTI-WORKLOAD ( Coming soon )

 Ability to run workloads as part of Kubernetes controlled environment or as direct HPC workload.

HIGH PERFORMANCE ( Coming soon )

 Superior HPC interconnection through Infiniband. Superior GPU-GPU communication through NVLink.


 A simple and efficient way to deliver trained engines via RESTFul API.


Access to a curated list of AI-Algorithms, ready to be integrated into enterprise business processes.



Creating an Account

Click on this link https://computational-beta.zeblok.com/ to create an account with Zeblok Computational. You will be redirected to the ZeblokComputational Landing page.

Click on the Sign Up Link.

Fill in all the fields required and press the  signup button.

Upon successful signup, you will receive an email from Zeblok Computational with the account activation link. Activate your Zeblok Computational Account, click the account activation link.


Resetting Pasword

You can reset user password in very simple steps. on the Zeblok Lading page click the forgot password? link. Fill out the email Id in the login form If valid email Id has been provided, you will receive an email with a password reset link from Zeblok Computational.





Email with the Password reset link

You will be redirected to reset password page where you can enter your new password and verify password and press the reset password button.

After successful password update, you will receive a text message that password has been changed successfully.

Signing In

Click this link http://computational-beta.zeblok.com/ to sign in to Zeblok Computational. you will be redirected to Zeblok Computational Landing page fill out your email Id and password in the form and click the login button. You will be redirected to the Zeblok Computational Dashboard if the email id and password given are correct.



Zeblok Glossary