After Spawning a Notebook in Create Workstation Section, now on the main Dashboard, you can see your Notebook as shown below 

1. How to use the Spwaned Notebook 
As shown in the above screenshot, you are having a button 'OPEN' in the rightmost card of your Notebook Information, as shown. If you want to use it then click.

You will be redirected to respective Notebook Page in which you have spawned in a new tab as shown below and then you can use the tools which you want to use.

2. How to stop the Spawned Notebook 
If you want to STOP the Notebook, when you are not using it or any other case, then just click the STOP button as shown below.

After then, a Pop Up will occur for final confirmation to the process. Just confirm by clicking YES, then the Notebook will be stopped as shown below. If you changed your mind and do not want to STOP, then click NO.

After the successful process, you will come up a page like shown below

3. How to delete the Spawned Notebook 

If you want to DELETE the Notebook which you have spawned, then you have to STOP it before (refer point 2) , then you will be getting an option in between named DELETE, as shown below. Just click it, then your Notebook will be deleted.

**** If you want to use this Notebook after deleting, you have to spawn it again. (Refer: Create Workstation section)

After clicking, a POP UP will occur for final confirmation to delete the Notebook. If you want to confirm the Deletion Process, press YES and the Notebook will be deleted, while if you don't want to Delete, then choose NO, and hence the process of deletion terminates. refer below screenshot.

After successfully deletion, you will be redirected to the page as shown below