Once you logged into the Zeblok Computational Application, you will get an option for Create Workstation as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 1: Click on "Create Workstation", you will be redirected to a page as shown below.

Step 2: Select the Notebook which you want to use, whether it can be an Algorithm, Data Science, or Hyperconvergence as shown below.

Step 3: Select the Plan which fulfills your requirements in terms of resources provided by clicking on the Buy Plan button.

Step 4: After the buy plan you will be redirected to the checkout page, where general information regarding the Notebook and Plan you have chosen along with the monthly subscription and option for applying coupon code(If any) along with final pricing as shown below.

Step 4.1 (OPTIONAL): If you have coupon code, then you can apply into the apply Coupon Input Box and the respective amount will be deducted from the total price as shown below.

Step 4.2 (OPTIONAL): If you have received the coupon code at your registered Zeblok Mail Id, as shown below, just copy the code and apply in the option as in STEP 4.1.

Step 4.3 (OPTIONAL): If you want to remove the coupon applied, you can click on the "Remove" button as shown below, the amount will be updated accordingly.

Step 5: Once you verify all the information as per your requirements.                                         

 Note: 21 Days Trial Period is provided for the first time Only when the user subscribes                          

 Click "Proceed to Checkout" button at the bottom right as shown below.

Step 6: As you clicked to button you will be redirected to the page to input your details for Payments, fill out your correct details as required as shown below.

Step 6.1: Once you click to "Add Card and Subscribe" button, a pop will occur asking you, weather to Pay or not. This is the final Confirmation from the user as shown below.

Step 6.2: If the user chooses Yes, Pay Payment will be done, and then the user can Enter the Notebook Name and finally spawn it as shown below. After successful creation, you will get your Notebook.

Step 6.3: If the user doesn't want to Pay and click Cancel. Payment will not be done and you can not be able to spawn Notebook. But your card details will be added to the Portal for future Transactions.

Step 7(OPTIONAL): You can view your Added card at Subscriptions on the left side menu as shown below.

Step 7.1(OPTIONAL): If you want to add a new card, then you can add it here also by clicking on "Card Details" button and then "Add Card" button on the top left corner.

Step 7.2(OPTIONAL): If you want to change your default card then you can change it. 
Note: 1. There should be min. 2 cards if you want to use the Default card option to switch between them.                     2. The default card cannot be removed.